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Welcome to Capella, the shutter company, your local experts for bespoke wooden shutters. We specialise in providing top quality, tailor-made interior wooden shutters for properties in Central and West London and are renowned both for our friendly professional service.

About Capella

Capella takes its name from the star Capella which is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga. The star is the eleventh brightest star in the sky, in former years all mariners took their measurements from the stars in the sky – the correct and accurate measurements of windows are key to a professional job. Our team will come and measure your windows to ensure that perfect fit.

Our customer service is part of our DNA, after living and working in hospitality for many years, customer satisfaction and having each of our customers’ as an ambassador for our business.

Our team of Craftsmen have over 20 years of experience, in ensuring that the shutters that you invest in from The Capella Shutter Company fit like a Saville Row suit.

The name Capella also reflects a Mediterranean image of sun and bright skies with floods of natural sunshine

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